Options for Selling Your Jewelry

Unless you are fortunate and still have a job that provides an abundant bank account, you are most likely one of millions feeling the far-reaching effects of this tough economy. Lost jobs, piles of unpaid bills, bankruptcies, and foreclosures inundate our daily lives. So, people are turning to other money-saving/moneymaking options. Some people are selling their cars and going green with a bike or a scooter. Lawns are continuously strewn with weekend garage sales. Other people are even turning to cash for gold services. Cash For Cars Sydney

This is an extremely popular option these days – selling off unwanted, never-worn, old jewelry. There are companies lining up left and right trying to capitalize off of this trend. Jewelry is an expendable commodity, and people need to eat! Arm yourself with some need-to-know information before you turn over your precious metals however. Being prepared and informed is key is any situation, especially when it comes to making money from your gold.

So, let’s just be honest here. Do not expect to get market value for your items. Yes, gold prices are soaring right now. However, the quick and convenient services these businesses offer is going to cost you. They will charge you to smelt, or melt, your jewelry. The precious gold is then separated from any other metals, and then the total amount of the gold is appraised. Appraisal fees, smelting fees, and buyer’s profit are all deducted from the appraised value. Think a fancy brand name like Tiffany’s or will bring you more money? Think again.


Options for Selling Your Jewelry

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