AMD Ryzen Vs Intel: Which One is Better?

Desktop users especially PC gamers have a huge doubt when it comes to selecting between these two AMD Ryzen and Intel. Both of these are excellent chipsets for your pc. But it depends on what you are going to do and the basic requirements. Here in this article, you are going to know about the performance rate, CPU chipset experience, pricing, and the scaling differences between these two. Let’s start.

Performance Differentiation

Everyone you come across will suggest you go with Intel. Because while Intel is working on a gaming pc, the generated heat is very low compared to AMD Ryzen. So, what? Can’t heat be dominated? Of course yes. Maybe AMD Ryzen generates more heat but a proper cooling system can solve it. On the other hand, the overclocking and the integrated graphics will give you an amazing performance rate while playing games. One other positive point about AMD is, APU and GPU are present in it while intel is lacking these.

CPU Chipset Experience

AMD’s all latest versions are available with 6 cores and 12 threads. And the G41 chipset is also dominating the latest versions of Intel. AMD Ryzen is far better than Intel in 3D rendering. Even AMD is surpassing intel in virtualization and video editing. The quality will be high definition for sure.


If you take the two latest versions of AMD Ryzen and Intel, like Ryzen 5 1600X and Intel Core i5 7600K, you’ll see the amazing pricing comparison between these two. Both of these are available for $269. They are giving hard competition to each other. Ryzen is always comparing their prices with Intel before launching any new version. Though they have a reason. AMD Ryzen has a Simultaneous Multi Thread feature in it which is lacking in intel. Intel is still running their processors with a single thread. But, it seems that there is no chance of decreasing the price of AMD recently.

Scaling Differences

Scaling is a trick that a businessman does to grow his business. Like, you know the i5 8th generation of Intel is not so better than the i3 10th generation. Because of the scaling. AMD Ryzen is using this trick. While Intel had released i7 6900 CPU, AMD Ryzen had released the 1800X CPU at the same time. Everything is the same including performance and speed. But because of the lower price, Ryzen became more popular.


So, by judging from every side, we can easily conclude that AMD Ryzen is the best, at least better than Intel. Pricing, scaling, performance rate, and CPU chipset configuration, everything is present as required in a gaming pc.  You can get more information like balance sheet at


AMD Ryzen Vs Intel: Which One is Better?
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