7 coolest coffee spots in Dubai

If there exists paradise on Earth, it is certainly Dubai, for the city offers everything to everyone. Here you would find luxury villas for sale in Dubaiand you would also get to see the casual hang-out places here. Especially the coffee shop scene in Dubai is thriving.

In the last few years, the coffee places of Dubai have come out of the malls and moved into the neighborhoods. Although in Dubai, you can still get yourself a super-speed flat white or French press, the trend of fast coffee is slowly getting obsolete and people are now preferring walk-in-off-street kind of coffee experience.

Take a look at the finest coffee spots in Dubai.

1.Boon Coffee

This is a famous Dubai-based coffee shop that has Ethiopian-owned specialty and showcases top-notch coffee beans. The coffee of this shop is made for the people who prefer the authentic coffee taste. This place although started as a small settlement, only in a matter of 6 years earned the title of one the best coffee roasters in Dubai. These shops also provide coffee to Dubai’s finest restaurants and cafes. provided by them also supplies.


This coffee corner features everything caffeine fans fantasize about. Other than specialty coffee from unique coffee beans, they offer cozy interiors and a colorful exterior. The brew is everyone’s favorite and even the fussiest coffee drinkers cannot help themselves falling in love with this coffee shop.

The location of Brew is also ideal, to say the least. It proudly sits in the heart of Jumeirah Beach Road which is the spot that serves everything from coffee to tea to even Matcha lattes. The brew is also famous for serving light breakfast.

3.Daily Dose Coffee

This is the amazing coffee shop that is tucked away in a Jumeirah village. This coffee place is a perfect spot, where you could bring your inner introvert out. Here you can read, watch and complete your office task. Furthermore, they also have a suburb coffee selection and they also serve you matcha lattes and delicious milkshakes.

Their food menu also covers a variety of stuff which includes lunch, dinner, and breakfast. They also have a special breakfast platter in which they serve eggs benedict in croissants. If you are visiting this place or passing by it, you must try iced Spanish latte.

4.Neighbors Dubai

This coffee spot is another haven for coffee lovers of Dubai. When you are here you cannot just order coffee, for their gourmet menu look tempting to resist. Furthermore, at Neighbors, you need to specify the kind of coffee you want. It is situated at the most suitable spot Al Thaniastreet where you can sit with a group of your friends and have lighthearted chitchat. This coffee place has also started to serve food and its breakfast has a killer menu that has mouth-watering french toast, scrambled eggs in a croissant, and even avocado on toast!

5.Number Five Cafe

In the cafe scene of Dubai, this food spot is a valuable addition. Located on Al Wasl road, this cafe chiefly serves amazing coffee and delicious desserts. In addition to the mind-blowing interior. It has really sleek, clean and which is adorned with a lot of marble. While visiting this coffee point, make sure you try their If you visit number five cafe, make sure you don’t leave it without trying their trying flaky ricotta danish as your side coffee. You would notice this coffee has a more rich texture than regular coffee and some people might not even like that, however, after more than a couple of sips everyone starts enjoying it.


This place is kind of cool and is kind of generic coffee texture and taste. However, their specialty lies in their colorful frappes and healthy snacks. If you are an individual who fancies trying different coffee you would definitely fall in love with Mind. We recommend you try the coconut and rose latte. These coffee shops mainly focus on aesthetics, therefore here you would come across fabulous Instagram-able corners.

7.To the Moon and Back

This cafe place is recently opened in Jumeriah and has instantly become the crown jewel it. This quirky cafe is a relatively quiet spot that exudes a homey feel. To the moon and back not only serves outstanding coffee but also top-notch food.

Dubai is a paradise for nearly every coffee lover, therefore if you are also a huge coffee-fan, you should consider getting city walk apartments for sale, for they are not only priced fairly but also makes all the coffee shops of Dubai accessible to you.

7 coolest coffee spots in Dubai
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